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BLEFAVIS Wipes steril

the only one in class IIa that can be used on open wounds and abrasions.

Cleaning and disinfectant wipes for the eye zone of sensitive and seborrheic eyelids and in the local treatment of blepharitis. Refreshing and emollient action thanks to Aloe and Glycolic Mallow extract. Normalization of the bacterial load thanks to citrus grape seed extract

Product Information: Blefavis® sterile disposable wipes are soaked in a natural solution, suitable for use around the eyes, they have iso- lacrimal pH, detergent and emollient characteristics Blefavis® sterile disposable wipes normalize the presence of bacteria on the skin.

Properties: Blefavis® sterile disposable wipes do not contain fragrances which may cause allergic reactions in sensitive people and provides gentle cleansing and removal of mucous secretions and dry or fatty flakes that build up on the edges of the eyelids. The product allows gentle and refreshing cleansing as well as the normalizing of bacterial presence on the skin, which may progressively inhibit the reformation of secretions. Blefavis® sterile disposable wipes can be used by both adults and children.

Composition: Vegetable glycerol, Aloe Ferox glycolic extract, Malva Sylvestris glycolic extract, Citrus grandis seed extract hydroglycerin (grapefruit seed extract), Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Mono- basic Potassium Phosphate, Dibasic Potassium Phosphate, Disodium EDTA, Purified Water.

How to use: Use Blefavis® sterile disposable wipes twice a day, morning and evening, or whenever you need deep cleansing of the eyelid. Remove the wipe from the sachet, using clean hands, and gently pass it several times over the surface of the eyelid and around the eye zone whilst keeping the eye closed. In the event of particularly resistant dried secretions, it is recommended to repeat the treatment leaving the wipe over the affected area for a few seconds. The product can be used by wearers of contact lenses, and before and after eye surgery. The wipes are sterile and can come into contact with skin wounds or abrasions.

Packaging: 18 sterile disposable wet wipes

Medical Device - Class IIa Steril