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ZIXOL dropper bottle steril

Sterile ophthalmic solution, preservative-free, moisturizing and lubricating. Hyaluronic acid at High Molecular Weight with Zinc Sulfate

Patent N.0001388403

Sterile ophthalmic solution, preservative-free, moisturizing and lubricating. Hyaluronic acid at High Molecular Weight with Zinc Sulfate

Product informations:
Zixol® is an isotonic, buffered tear substitute. Its transparency and viscosity ensure maximum comfort of use. lt is indicated for corneal protection.
In addition to containing hyaluronic acid as a physiological substance and lubricant, Zixol® contains zinc sulphate, which is already present in ocular tissue at high concentrations..
The combined hydrating action of Hyaluronic acid and zinc sulfate is beneficial in moistening and lubricating the eye surface in case of dry eyes caused by several factors, such as: stress, wind, smog, harsh artificial light, use of VDUs, use of contact lenses, long hours of driving, non-pathological traumatic alterations, period following procedures with excimer laser, cataract and other situations of changes in normal tear function.
Zixol® can also be used as adjuvant of hydration during the antiallergic treatments.

100ml solution contains: Sodium chloride 0.80 g, sodium citrate tribasic dihydrate 0.20 g, Hyaluronic Acid 0.15 g, Zinc Sulfate Heptahydrate 0,035 g, Citric Acid 0,003 g Purified Water as needed for 100 ml

remove the safety seal, remove the protective cap. Tilting the head back, instill 1 drop in the eye, taking care to keep down the lower eyelid. After instillation the product will be distributed evenly within the eye, producing a protective moisturizing film on the surface of the eye. After instillation of the eye drops, the eyesight will return to normality after a few minutes. The drops produced by gravity are accurately predosed by the shape of the device orifice. Zixol® can be used for multiple daily administrations.

proven hypersensitivity to the solution’s components.Unknown incompatibility with other devices or drugs.

Adverse effects:
in some cases, intolerance (stinging or irritation) may occur without having though any consequences. Nonetheless inform your physician or pharmacist about any side effects not mentioned in these instructions for use.

avoid touching the eye with the dropper.
Close the bottle with the cap after use (fig. 4).
The product must be used within 3 months after opening.
Do not use in the case the bottle is damaged or opened.
Do not use after the expiration date.
Store at temperatures between 2° and 25 oc.
In case of problems while using the product, discontinue the treatment and consult a doctor.
Keep out of reach of chi ldren.

– 8 ml dropper bottle
multidose: 20 vials of 0.6ml each

Medical Device - Class IIa